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The Inclusion of Inclusive Education in Teacher-Training...

The Inclusion of Inclusive Education in Teacher-Training: Issues of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Staffing Introduction UNESCO has defined inclusive education as the opening up of ‘schools, centre of learning and educational systems†¦to ALL children. For this to happen, teachers, schools and systems may need to change so they can better accommodate the diversity of needs that pupils have and (ensure) that they (the pupils) are included in all aspects of school life. It also means a process of identifying any barriers within and round the school that hinder learning, and reducing or removing these barriers. Inclusive Education is therefore a process, a product and a philosophy – a growing body of approaches, strategies and methods, a†¦show more content†¦In terms of attitudes, they need to possess the professionalism without which they will be unable to respond appropriately to diversity. In terms of values, they need to respect and uphold the rights of every child to a high quality education. This knowledge and these skills, attitudes and values are inter-dependent. For instance, if teachers do not have the right values, they will have negative attitudes towards their students. If they have negative attitudes, they will be unable and unwilling to teach inclusively. They will also be unable and unwilling to learn about inclusive education. Conversely, if they have positive values they have the potential to become inclusive teachers. 3. Curriculum and the Teaching of Inclusive Education in TTIs What form would a curriculum take that supported the above outcomes? In terms of knowledge, students need to be aware of the different forms of diversity to be found among children. These include: gender difference; linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity; social-emotional diversity; cognitive and academic diversity; and sensory and physical diversity. They need to be aware of the complexity of these diversities. Many of these diversities are inter-connected: for instance, it has been argued that girls tend to learn differently from boys, that they have different ‘learning styles’, and teachers need to adapt their teaching styles to cater for this (Grossman 2004, pp.209-210). Thus, genderShow MoreRelatedThe View Of Best Practice For Educating And Caring For People With Disability2561 Words   |  11 PagesOver time, the view of best practice for educating and caring for people with disability has changed to one of inclusion in all aspects of life in society. In Australia, there was some resistance initially, fear and misunderstanding guided the decision making processes which meant those with disability were kept apart longer than in some other countries (Heward, 2009). Gradually, legislative changes, influenced by medical knowledge and researched based practice meant that people were no longer allowedRead MoreEssay on Case Study3465 Words   |  14 Pagesï » ¿ Faculty of Education EDC2400 Assignment 2 Case Study Choose one case study and write an academic essay. PART A = Identify the educational needs of the class/training group. Use these educational needs as the basis (headings) for outlining classroom practice, including strategies, in order to accommodate the diverse learning needs of the entire class/training group. Strategies are to be of a detailed, practical and realistic nature. PART B = Name the Education Queensland (or relevantRead MoreEssay on Creativity in Education9422 Words   |  38 PagesCreativity in the curriculum A school with creativity at the heart of the learning process will benefit by increasing the motivation of staff and pupils, says former head, Dave Weston. In this article and case study, he shows the way to more imaginative approaches to curriculum planning ‘Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality’ Arthur Koestler Many school leaders and teachers realise that is now time to take more control over the curriculum and to include a greater emphasis on creativity

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